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Security technologies
IT products and consulting

Security concepts

About Us

Greystone GmbH, based in Vienna, has made it its mission to implement the best solutions for your requirements profile. Since 2011, we have been committed to our customers and building long-term customer relationships. Quality products and reliable support are among our most important characteristics. We are happy to support you with your project.

We would be happy to provide you with further advice in person.

Greystone Competencies


  • ​Security technology

  • Access - Alarm - Video

  • IT-Security

  • Installation & Maintenance

  • Long-term customer support

  • Analysis and security concepts

  • Crisis management

  • Project supervision

  • Project management

IT Consulting by Greystone


  • Planning and assembling

  • Sales and operation of on-premise and cloud solutions

  • IT training

  • IT-Consulting

  • MSP (Managed Service Provider)

  • Software licenses

  • Consulting and sales (MS products)

  • IP telephone systems

Security Technologies


Video surveillance

VERKADA products feature the most modern and one of the most secure cloud-based video surveillance technologies for professional use currently on the market. Whether for private use or a comprehensive surveillance control center with integrated AI, everything is possible with VERKADA!

Biometric access control with BWO palm vein scanners from Fujitsu

Your hand is the key

- Access

- Alarm

- Security

A quality product from Switzerland

BWO 3er_edited_edited.jpg

Alarm systems from Telenot

SAFETRONIC GMBH is our reliable partner for state-of-the-art alarm systems from the German quality manufacturer Telenot

The Telenot Hiplex alarm system control panel offers

- Highest security and maximum reliability through the latest encryption technology

- Flexible and modular for all safety requirements, over 1,500 peripheral components available

- Industry, commerce, banks, private sector

- State-of-the-art installation technology

(conventional cabling, modern BUS-1 technology or wireless)

- Can be combined with palm vein biometrics for transparent operation

- VDS, SES, and VSÖ certified

GREYCUBE by Greystone

GREYCUBE by Greystone

One cube - many possibilities!
The heart of video surveillance, access control and telephone systems

Greycube by Greystone Grafik_edited.jpg

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